Privacy Policy

 株式会社Triple Oneでは、事業活動を通じて媒体社や協力会社などのお取引先や消費者の皆様の大切な個人情報をお預かりしております。個人情報保護への厳正な対応が強く求められる中、お預かりした大切な個人情報を適切に取り扱う事が企業としての社会的責務であると深く認識し、以下の個人情報保護指針を定め、これを厳守する事をお約束します。
Triple One Inc. receives important personal information of client and consumers such as medium company or a subcontractor through operation. We are deep and recognize that it is a duty of society as a company to handle the important personal information that we receive it and did adequately while fair correspondence to personal information protection is strongly demanded and establish a personal information protection indicator and We promise to keep absolutely this.

  • 個人情報の取得は、正当な事業・営業活動の為に、収集目的を明確に定めて行い、その目的を超えた収集は行いません.
  • The acquisition of personal information determines a collection purpose for a fair business / business activity definitely and does not perform an act, collection beyond the purpose.
  • 個人情報の保護・管理を適正に行う為、個人情報管理責任者を置き、社内における管理体制を明確にします.
  • we employ a personal information management representative to perform protection / management of personal information appropriately and make a regime in an office clear.
  • 個人情報の利用または第三者への提供は、法令で定められた場合を除き、本人から同意を得た範囲で行い、その範囲を超えた利用または第三者への提供は行いません.
  • We perform the use of personal information or an offer to the third person except a case established in laws and ordinances in the range that obtained its consent from the person himself and do not perform the use beyond the range or an offer to the third person,
  • お取引先等からお預かりする個人情報は、契約内容を遵守し、適切に管理を行います.
  • We observe contract contents and manage personal information to do custody from clients adequately.
  • 「放送分野における個人情報保護ガイドライン」「通信販売における個人情報保護ガイドライン」等の個人情報保護に関する関係法令、規則その他の規範を遵守します.個人情報保護に対する法律、社会情勢およびお取引先のニーズの変化、情報技術の進展等を踏まえて、今後も本ポリシーの内容を継続的に見直し、改善します.
  • We observe laws and ordinances about personal information protection such as “personal information protection guideline”,”personal information protection guidelines in a mail order” in the field of broadcast concerned, a model of rule others.We stand on a law for personal information protection, social conditions and a change of needs of a client, development of information technology and will review contents of this policy continuously in future and improve it.